GENRE: Thriller, Supernatural Horror / Runtime: 89 Minutes

SELLING POINTS: Strong performances, Incredible retro style of the 50s settings and costumes, features pop hits such as "Mr. Sandman" and an original ominous score by Tim Rutili (Musician for Sony's 30 DAYS OF NIGHT)

CAST: Christina Ricci (Showtime's YELLOWJACKETS, SLEEPY HOLLOW), who also just joined the cast of Tim Burton's Addams Family spinoff Netflix Series WEDNESDAY, Santino Barnard (HBO Max's 8-BIT CHRISTMAS), Academy Awards and two Golden Globes winner Nick Vallelonga, Lew Temple (THE WALKING DEAD), Colleen Camp (CLUE)

SYNOPSIS: Laura (Christina Ricci), traumatized by her past, gathers the courage to move her and her 7 year-old son, Cody, to a new home, far away from civilization. However, their new idyllic home harbors something evil beneath. It isn't long until they both discover that they are being stalked by a monster that will test their sanity and will to survive.